Welcome to DreamShip™

✿ Crafted with love for your child’s comfort & luxury, DreamShip™ offers you the smoothest, safest and most durable blanket for the loved ones’ sleepy times & sweet dreams.

✿ DreamShip™ Blankets are manufactured from 100% bamboo rayon with soft breathable muslin layers that adjust the body’s temperature in both winter & summer times.


✿ With intact weaves & perfectly sewn edges, DreamShip™ blankets remain durable, lint-free and without fraying, providing a safe texture for your baby.


✿ After every wash, the DreamShip™ blanket gets smoother yet perfectly maintains its lush feel & colorful pattern, preserving the lively flair for you & your family. 

Why DreamShip™ Blankets 
✔  Super Safe 
✔  Ultra Soft 
✔  Hypoallergenic
✔  Lint & Fray Free 
✔  Durable Weave